pSwap is the first crypto Web DEX that power true privacy for your every transactions.

The product is in beta version, therefore your feedback will help us big time in making the product better over time. Please find the instruction below on how to start using pSwap:

It’s clear without saying that, your privacy is now under-attack, or will soon be in the near future. While playing by the rules does not seem to do us any good, what else can we do in such situations?

With surging adoption of cryptocurrency from all around the world (Paypal, VISA, governments, etc.), the US government is now increasing regulations as a means to keep the crypto game under control by either forcing new rules on existing centralized services (Binance, Coinbase, etc.) to ask users to declare owner information of decentralized walets they are sending their funds to, or working with fintech giants to allow people to buy/hold/sell cryptocurrency without technically owning it (Paypal is a very clear example).

Fortunately there are major crypto projects on the market that are fighting for our rights to privacy like Monero, Incognito…

Today, we officially launched LSB Wallet Extension to the mass crypto users. Now you can hold, send, receive crypto anonymously, and in a secure manner.

We believe that in order to drive more adoption for crypto privacy, more use cases should be rolled out to the mass users and LSB Wallet Extension plays a key role for privacy geeks to access many more amazing products to come on the Web platform.

Here’s how to get started:

  • Go to and click on Get Extension to download the unpacked extension of LSB wallet.
  • Follow the instructions here to install the downloaded extension to your Google Chrome…

To help boost the launching of LSB Wallet Extension, as well as to collect as many useful feedback from users as possible, we’d love to airdrop some PRV to you, if you complete the following tasks:

This process should be very easy via Google Store, but it took longer than expected to get the extension approved. We are working with Google team to get the extension up there ASAP.

In the mean time, this article is dedicated to help guide you, the early birds, on how to install LSB Wallet extension in advance.

Step 1: Go to and click on Get Extension to download the unpacked extension of LSB wallet. Please save it in a safe location where you do not usually move files around.

Step 2: Go to Chrome Settings using three dots on…


Light Shadow Box (LSB) was first launched in July 2020, with the basic web-based wallet to help people send and receive cryptocurrency anonymously, built on Incognito Protocol.

The network has shielded $17.5 million so far, using a combination of ring signature, homomorphic commitment scheme & zero-knowledge proof to ensure privacy for your activities. The blockchain is high scalable with the implementation of sharding and a new consensus based on POS, pBFT, and BLS.


Everybody wants their financial information to be safe & private, and we are here to keep it that way.

“100M people worldwide now…

Light Shadow Box

Your crypto, play it by your own rules.

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