Turn on Incognito mode for your bitcoin (or any cryptocurrency).

With surging adoption of cryptocurrency from all around the world (Paypal, VISA, governments, etc.), the US government is now increasing regulations as a means to keep the crypto game under control by either forcing new rules on existing centralized services (Binance, Coinbase, etc.) to ask users to declare owner information of decentralized walets they are sending their funds to, or working with fintech giants to allow people to buy/hold/sell cryptocurrency without technically owning it (Paypal is a very clear example).

Fortunately there are major crypto projects on the market that are fighting for our rights to privacy like Monero, Incognito. This article will give you a brief guideline on how to turn on incognito mode for your cryptocurrency in general and bitcoin in particular using Incognito Chain.

Unlike any other privacy project on the market, which only give you privacy when you own the coin of that network, Incognito Chain actually provides privacy by default to the most popular cryptocurrencies out there (BTC, ETH, DAI, USDT, NEO, etc.). The privacy ecosystem of Incognito is growing and currently allow you to hold, send, receive, trade, invest/stake crypto anonymously. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Install Incognito App (Android, iOS)

Step 2: Start shielding your Bitcoin (Deposit Bitcoin to Incognito Wallet, from this moment all, all your bitcoin transactions will be anonymous, as long as they are within Incognito Network).

Tap on Asset
Tap “Shield my crypto”
Choose which crypto-asset you want to shield.
Copy the one-time shield address

This address is only valid for one hour, and is for one use only. Do NOT send to this address after one hour, and do not use it twice (not even a small test transaction and a normal transaction). You must use a new address for each transaction.

From your current wallet, start sending your crypto to the generated address, and wait for a few minutes for the transaction to complete.

Step 3: With your deposited crypto in the wallet, you can now start trading, staking, sending, receiving crypto with complete privacy. Visit here for more details.

Step 4 (Optional): If you are more of an extension Joe, then LSB Wallet, a privacy wallet extension built on Incognito Chain, will not let you down. After you deposit your crypto into Incognito app, you can then import your account to LSB wallet and start using it to check balance, send and receive crypto anonymously.

Install LSB wallet on your Chrome/Brave browser here.



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